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Date Title Venue Town or City County Category
07.30 pm h - 09.30 pm h
Meltham Methodist Church Concert Meltham Methodist Church Holmfirth West Yorkshire Indoor
Holmfirth Contest (Time TBC) Holmfirth Civic Hall Holmfirth West Yorkshire Indoor
09.00 am h - 11.00 am h
Meltham Church Hall Coffee Morning Meltham Church Hall Meltham Holmfirth Indoor
04.00 pm h
Whit Friday March Contests Saddleworth/Tameside Saddleworth/Tameside Saddleworth/Tameside Outdoor
07.30 pm h - 09.30 pm h
Summer Concert St Bartholomew C Of E Church Holmfirth West Yorkshire Indoor
Meltham Memories (Time TBC) Meltham Holmfirth West Yorkshire Outdoor
Park Job - Leeds TBC - - - Outdoor

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